CARITA BORONSKA is a Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter & Composer. Mainly guided by intuition and spontaneous inspiration, she creates intimate and visual music within a wide range of genres and rythms. She likes groove and swing but is also very melodic and atmospheric. These qualities are often reflected in her songs, her singing as well as her compositions and arrangements.



CARITA started composing music at 5 years old and since then she has written songs in many genres such as; pop, jazz, folk, fusion, funk, electronic, chill out and more... She is also the Composer behind 3 Feature FIlmscores as well as many shortfilms and some Television. Her songs have been included on various soundtracks, TV-shows and compilation albums.


In 2007 CARITA received a SILVER-MEDAL PRICE at the Park City Filmmusic Festival for the filmmusic of the Spanish film "Eres mi héroe" (You're my Hero). That same year she released her solo-album "Jazzuality" which she arranged & co-produced. CARITA has also produced most of the filmmusic she's composed as well arranged & produced her single "I Surrender". The later years CARITA has been Coaching Vocals at an individual level and leading vocal courses to enhance awareness of the Voice and the Breathing. Caritas latest work is her solo-album "Hypnotic Soul" (2018) and the arrangements & production of the Swedish Band" Charlie 4 Tango" (on which she also plays keys and sings background vocals)




CARITA BORONSKA was born in Uppsala, Sweden.

19-years old she won the "Young Composer/Writers Award" selected by STIM (Swedish Author Society). She studied music, arts, singing, film and scriptwriting in Denmark for 3 years and and after that she was granted a Scholarship from Berklee College of Music that she attended for a 2-year Diploma. At Berklee she won the anual Songwriting Competion

2 years in a row, and she also studied some Filmscoring.

Besides singing, teaching vocals and writing songs CARITA has composed music for Film & TV. She has released 2 solo-albums as well as numerous songs on various Soundtracks and compilition albums; including THE BEAT GOES ON which was the maintheme of the Spanish film Living it Up (La Gran Vida) starring Salma Hayek & Carmelo Gomez. Carita has also released a Chill-Out Worldmusic album with the band MUKTI Chill (Awakening).


Throughout her career, Carita has had the opportunity to know and work with a wide range of famous artists and musicians; including Richard Evans (Arranger/Producer for Natalie Cole, Stan Getz etc.), Bob Cranshaw (Sonny Rollins), Chad Wright (drummer with The Jackson brothers/Chaka Khan), Ed Epstein, Randy Brecker, Kenny Kirkland, David Gilmore, Anne Linnet, and many more... Between 2016-2018 she has performed on cruise ships (singer/pianist)


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