Studio Vocals...


Vocal guiding, background vocals (recorded/arranged), Voice Overs in Swedish, English, Spanish, Danish and French for recordings, tv, film, publicity and web.


2016: "Lime Go" Info online video.


2016: "C4T" (Charlie 4 Tango) All Backround Vocals & Arrangements on the Album.


2015: "Mental training and relaxation program"

for PROMAS massage/recovering chairs.


2012: "Element" Animated Swedish film in English. Voice Over in American English on one scene.


Throughout the years Carita Boronska has recorded and arranged vocals on her own music/albums, various filmmusic and publicity as far as collaborations, such as MUKTI Chill, Electronic Music (Malva Records), French film" Le Defi", Anne Linnet, One Two (Danish artists)






Music Production


Music Arrangements and Production for Artists, Songwriters, Composers within the Recording and Film Industry.


2016: "Charlie 4 Tango" (C4T) was arranged and produced by

The Tone Tailor


2014: "I Surrender" was written, arranged, produced and performed by Carita Boronska / The Tone Tailor


2011-2013: The Score for the films: "Sweaty Beards", "Röd Måne (Red Moon)" and "Meanings" was written, arranged, produced and mainly performed by Carita Boronska / The Tone Tailor


2007: The music album "Jazzuality" was partly written, arranged, co-produced and performed by Carita Boronska.


2003-2006: The Music Score for the films: "Eres mi héroe", "Un Difunto, 6 mujeres y un taller" was written, arranged, produced and mainly performed by Carita Boronska / The Tone Tailor


2002: the Main theme for Spanish Tv-show: "Triunfa en casa"











Here are some of the gifted artists on our team:


Carita Boronska (Swedish singer/songwriter and composer within Jazz, Blues, Pop, Filmmusic and Children songs).


MUKTI Chill (Chill Out Album with filmmusic, vocals, mantras, percussions and ).


Bettina Flater (Norwegian Flamenco guitar & Singer/Songwriter).


Charlie 4 Tango (Sven Assarsson): Swedish Singer/Songwriter with profound Veteran-stories.


Gladston Galliza (Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter/composer from Brazil).


Carmen Paris (Singer/Songwriter-World Music from Spain).




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