Carita Boronska is a true "creator”. She lives with the constant urge to create something, whether it is music, stories, images or an invention. Her singing style has been compared to singers like Janot Jackson, Norah Jones as well as Tori Amos meets Janis Joplin. Her songwriting is pretty widely ranged and influenced by artists like Sting, Prince, Sade, Terence Trent D'Arby and Sam Brown among others... Mainly guided by intuition and spontaneous inspiration (qualities that have been fundamental when composing for example film music) she creates a very intimate and visual music.

Carita is the author, musician and singer of several Film-scores, Released albums, music for Television and some publicity. Carita believes that "improvisation” in music is like an instant composition. This is probably why improvising is and has been so attractive for her. It lies in her nature to "be creative”, invent, create and transmit her inner world of musical harmonies, melodies as well as images and stories.

Most of her work has been released/published in Spain where she has lived for more than 10 years In Spain she released various albums including the solo-album JAZZUALITY and Sound Tracks for various films. Recently, back in Sweden CARITA started her own Music Production Company called: THE TONETAILOR

CARITA is Writing, Composing, Arranging, Programming and Producing her songs.

Her latest solo-album is called HYPNOTIC SOUL (2018). She's had great musicians collaborating from all over the world and some of the studiowork and mix has been done in various Studios (in Sweden, USA, Brazil and in Spain).

In 2017 she did the filmscore for WALTING TILDA,  a post-apocalyptic  Swedish-Australian Short film and she is currently on a a mini-musical for kids.

Throughout her career, Carita has had the opportunity to know and work with a wide range of famous Artists and musicians, including American artists like Richard Evans (producer/arranger for Natalie Cole, Laura Brannigan, Tower of Power, Stan Getz, Dianne Schuur etc.), Bob Cranshaw (bass player with Sonny Rollins, Milt Jackson etc.), Kenny Kirkland (piano player with Kenny Garret, Sting), Jim Beard (keyboard player and producer with Wayne Shorter, Mike Stern, Bill Evans etc.), Randy Brecker (Trumpet player) and David Gilmore (Guitar). In Denmark: - Anne Linnet (Well known Danish Singer), One Two (Former Danish group), Niels Lan Doky (Danish/Vietnamese Pianist/Composer). - Antonio Cuadri (Spanish Film Director), Fransisco, Malu (Spanish pop-singer), Bob Sands (American Saxophone player & Big Band Conductor).


2013:  Logic - Music programming course, Malmö-Sweden.

2006: Carita attends an ICC Coaching Course in Örebro, Sweden at the Scandinavian University (SIU) and becomes a CERTIFIED "INTERNATIONAL COACH" within the ICC (International Coaching Community)

2005:  Video Editing Course, Madrid.

2001: Pro Tools Course, Music programming course, Madrid-Spain.

1994-1996: attended Berklee College Of Music (Boston, USA), taking courses in Composition, Arranging, Performance, Harmony, FILM scoring, Music Technology, Music business etc.

1992-1994: Classes in Sound engineering, MIDI, Sequencing, Vocal Performance, etc. in Copenhagen

1992-1993: Copenhagen, Denmark)

1990: Attended Testrup Hojskole (Danish School of Art), majoring in Music Lyngby Kom Tek prod. skole (Video/Media/Film production school in


On June 4th 2020 CARITA WINS the RADIO SONG COMPETITION with her new song "All Along"which is released on Spotify with a video on YouTube.

In April 2018 CARITA receives a special recognition by the Rochester filmfestival for the film music that she composed for the film Watlzing Tilda.

2007: - January 23, The score of the film "You're my hero" (Eres mi héroe, composed by Carita) WON A SILVER-MEDAL PRICE at this years Park City Filmmusic Festival (parallel to the Sundance Film Festival) in "The Best use of Music in Feature Film competion" catagory!!

2006: Carita was selected AS ONE OF THE COMPOSERS to participate in “BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS”(10-17:th of February) organized by the “Berlin International Film Festival” 2006

The short movie “La Señora de Ericsson en España” (Mrs. Eriksson in Spain) was selected for the “International Film Festival in Mallorca”.

1994-1996: Won various scholarships for excellence in composition/vocal performance at Berklee College of Music.

1995 & 1996: Winner of the annual Berklee Songwriting Competition

1993: Line Out Award (Danish music magazine).

1990:  Young Composer/Writers Award selected by STIM (Swedish Author-Composer Society)


2017-2020: CARITA is active doing VOICE OVERS/Speaker on various webfilms/publicity works. 

On June 4th 2020 CARITA WINS the RADIO SONG COMPETITION with her new song "All Along"which is released on Spotify with a video on YouTube.

In March 2019 CARITA performs solo at Storhogna M (Ski resort) during Febrary-Mars. She also joins her band for concerts at the JAZZFESTIVAL in Canary Islands (June 2019)  as well as participates in JAZZAHEAD, Bremen/Germany under the umbrella of SWEDEN MUSIC EXPORT.

CARITA eleased her new  solo-album ; "HYPNOTIC SOUL"  (2018)
In  summer-18 she performed at Manhattan Pianobar , Baltic Queen (CruiseShip).

CARITA composed music for "WALTZING TILDA" (2017) a post-apocalyptic  Swedish-Australian Short film. 

2016:  Album Release   "Charlie 4 Tango" (Swedish  band)  : Carita has arranged/produced the album as well as played keyboeards and added background vocals.

In November Carita performed  at Silja Line Cruise ship (vocals/piano).

2015-16: Carita is performing  with "Señoritas on Fire" in several concerts in Spain.

2012-16:  Carita  & The Tonetailor is editing all audio programs for PROMAS (relax-massage chairs with Mental Training programs)

2013-2016: Carita is offering vocal workshops in Sweden “How to explore and get to know your voice better” in 2009 at the scandinavian university (örebro, sweden) where she will be the vocal coach/teacher together with mental/nlp/coach trainers Lars-eric and Elene Uneståhl.

2014:  Carita composed/arranged & produced the single: I SURRENDER (Mars Music)

2013: Carita composed the filmscore for the Swedish Shortfilm: Meanings.

2012:  Carita composed the filmscore for the Swedish Shortfilm: Red Moon (Röd Måne).

2011: Carita composed the full filmscore as well as some of the  songs on the Soundtrack for a swedish viking comedy film; “Sweaty Beards” (


- November; Carita performs with her quintet at the 25years JAZZFESTIVAL in Madrid playing in the “Fernán Gomez Theatre”.

- October; VOCAL COACH in madrid musical “enamorados anónimos”

- September: Performed at various JAZZFESTIVALS in SPAIN

- May; Concert in the auditorium of santa cruz, tenerife.


- April: The solo-album “Jazzuality” released in Spain by El Pescador de Estrellas/EMI.

- Jan-February. Editing/Music for Scandinavian International University.

- January 23, The score of the film "You're my hero" (Eres mi héroe, composed by Carita) WON A SILVER-MEDAL PRICE at this years Park City Filmmusic Festival (parallel to the Sundance Film Festival) in "The Best use of Music in Feature Film competion" catagory!!


- First album released with the band “MUKTI”, “ethnic chill out/world

music/new age” ( where most of the songs are based on the film score for “You’re my hero” (2003) composed by Carita. The new arrangements and songs include lyrics, mantras and percussion (mainly “Tablas” from the Indian musician Nantha Kumar as well as programming and electronic sounds by Carlos Kochitzky and voices/keyboards by Carita.

- May: Premiere of the film “La buena voz” (The good voice). Script by Claudio Crespo based on a short story idea by Carita Boronska.

- June-July: Carita has got a “Scholarship” for the filmmaking course at the MFA (Mallorca Film Academy) in Palma de Mallorca.

- October: Carita becomes a CERTIFIED "INTERNATIONAL COACH" within the ICC (International Coaching Community)

- December: Music for “The Trench” a shortfilm by Tom Wadlow, shot in LA (USA).

2003 - 2005:

- Carita composed/produced the original film score for the film “Eres mi heroe” (You’re my hero) directed by Antonio Cuadri (2003).

- Carita composes her second filmscore for the spanish drama-comedy “Un difunto, 6 mujeres y un Taller” (a TV-Movie for the spanish channel; Antena 3)

- Colaborated in various TV spots (comercials): “Renault” , “Larios” & the last “Coca Cola advertisement”(Composition/vocals)...

- Recording for the Italian record label “Mediterránea Music Factory” in Naples, Italia.

- Carita directed/produced her own “short movie” (Video) called “Mrs Eriksson goes to Spain” (Sweden/Spain 2005)

- During spring/summer this year, a film called “La Buena voz” (The good voice) based on a story by Carita, of which the script is written by Claudio Crespo, was shot and produced in Bilbao, Spain.

2001 - 2002:

- Recorded album of all-original material, titled “The Answer”

- Lead vocal on the “main theme” for the french movie “Le Defi”.

- Working with television documentaries and tv- movies/series as a writer/journalist/director and composer for the production company “Manufacturas Audiovisuales”.


- Secured a recording contract with Mercury/Universal, which led to 2 Maxi- Singles: “The Beat Goes On”/”I Will Survive” (including one original song by Carita), and “Donít go breaking my heart”/”When I want you” (by Carita). There was a brief tour, promoting the single in radio and television. In addition to the Radio Airplay and high chart position, she was also a Featured Performer at the worldwide broadcast music festival “La Gala de la Hispanidad” in Sevilla, alongside artists such as Alejandro Sanz.

- Feb, 2000: Made an appearance in the film & soundtrack of “La Gran Vida” (“Living it up”), starring Salma Hayek, Carmelo Gomez and Tito Valverde (singing a new version of the classic tune “Donít Go Breaking My Heart”, originally performed by Elton John and Kiki Dee). Carita sings 4 of the songs on the soundtrack; one of which is a cover of “The Beat Goes On”, written by Sonny Bono, that, together with “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, was the main theme song of the movie.

- March, 2000: Did a successful TV commercial (as a singer / actress) for the Spanish mobile

phone company “Movistar”.

1998-1999: Background Vocalist with Spanish artists “Francisco” and “Malu”.

1998-1999: Toured as Background Singer with various artists in Spain, and as Lead Vocalist with the EMC Big Band, in Madrid.

1995-1999:In Spain and the Canary Islands: Concerts with the Carita Boronska Band, including The International Jazz Festival (97), sharing the stage with artists like Karen Edwards, the Eric Marienthal Band, and in jam sessions with Randy Brecker, Joe Zawinul, and musicians from pop group The Syndicate.

1994-1996: In the United States (Boston, New York and throughout New England): Solo Performances, Studio Work and Background Vocals with local gigging bands.

1994: In Ireland and England, as Keyboard Player & Background Singer with Sheyla Bonnich, of the pop group Boney M.

1992-1994: In Denmark, with the Carita Boronska Band (1992-1994)

1988-1992: In Sweden, with the bands Point of View and the Edison Band.

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