European Jazz Women

from North to South...

The first version of EU JAZZ WOMEN is started by Swedish-Polish Carita Boronska (Sweden) and Scottish-Mexican Patti Ballinas (Spain) in 2019 when they met to play together in Carita Boronska Quartet at Café Central in Madrid. In July that same year they also played at the Canary Islands internacional jazz festival.

Later on, in 2021 Carita met violinplayer Luca Kézdy (Hungary) at Womex in Portugal, (in a jamsession) and after that Carita invited Luca to play with her band, first in Madrid and after last time at the Golems theater in Barcelona (organized by Babel Jazz). In May 2022 Mar Sanchez (Sevilla/Spain) joined on electric guitar and in that same summer Carita and Mar were playing and composing together for a month in Malmö, Sweden for a mixed artproject called "The Bubble" (Freestyle Phanatix). In 2024 Carita and Mar is joined by prodigious young artists Abril Saurí (Spain) and Simbiat Ebhohon (Spain/Nigeria) where they are playing together for the first time at Café Central, Madrid.

EU JAZZ WOMEN in concert consists mainly of the original music by Carita Boronska in a wide repertoire in a jazzy, funky as well as smooth and cinematographic style - from original compositions/songs to personal jazz & blues covers like The Beatles, B.B King as well as Jazz Standards like Angel Eyes and Love for Sale.


(Swedish/Polish) Singer and Pianist from Sweden that writes,  composes and arranges most of the music that the band performs. She has a long career as a recording/live artist with various labels as well as in film scoring for various feature and short films.

She's a Berklee College of Music graduate and she was awarded by Berklees annual songwriting contest as well as for Filmscoring. She's performed in local venues as well as on bigger stages/theatres and in television/radio.

Video below is from the internactional jazzfestival in Canary Islands 2019 together with Patti Ballinas on Drums (see her profile below).


is a Spanish guitarist from Sevilla who stands out for her versatility and musical eclecticism. She approaches music from different angles and through various concepts. She studies the musical range of guitar in depth, respecting and considering all the resources that this instrument has to offer. She performs her own music, in addition to being an accompanist, soloist and conductor. She explores different musical genres, styles and projects. Her original compositions are a manifestation of her personal vision of the guitar and her passion for classical music, jazz and the music of her own culture, flamenco.

Mar recently played with the great guitarist Raimundo Amador, who has collaborated with B.B. King, Bjork, Camaron de la Isla, among other famous musicians. She has also collaborated with great international musicians and artists, such as Concha Buika in the famous Jazzaldia Festival in Donosti (Spain), Alain Pérez & la Orquesta (Cuban musician, singer, percussionist, composer, pianist and bassist for Paco de Lucía) . She has worked for international companies such as Cirque du Soleil in Malta, Glastonbury, London, Tampere Guitar Festival in Finland,

Leo Brouwer Chamber Music Festival in La Habana, Cuba. Playing for Change in Los Angeles. 


Half Scottish and half Mexican, living in Mallorca / Spain,

started to play drums at the age of 6 years. 

From "Motown Show" singing with her sisters she started her career as a session drummer and soon became a YAMAHA DRUMS Endorser. Patti Ballinas is the first drummer from Spain representing Yamaha Drums worldwide! 

Patti played at the "GROOVE NIGHT Concert" in MEXICO CITY along with the amazing "L.A. Groove Night Band" and drummers like Rick Marotta, Antonio Sanchez, Dave Weckl, Russ Miller.

She recorded & toured with the recording artist "Buika" in 2005 and she was on tour all over SPAIN with the famous Spanish pop artist "Chenoa”. 

Also performed a few times in Mallorca and Ibiza with Miko Weaver (Guitarist of PRINCE). She was on tour with JEFFREY DANIEL (SHALAMAR) in the U.K. and played in the Bicester Jazz Festival in LONDON.

Patti was in the Rostov Jazz fest in Russia where she played with Sergio Brandau and Andrei Kondakov, and with VICTOR WOOTEN & STEVE BAILEY at the Namm Show 2008 in L.A. 

She also played with the Amazing NATHAN EAST in the Asian Beat Competition in Taiwan as part of her YAMAHA DRUM CLINICS tour in ASIA in March 2008. 

Endorser of Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Tocsticks signature sticks and Evans Drumheads. She has given demos, clinics and concerts all over the world.


Luca Kézdy was born in Győr, northwest Hungary, where she started her classical violin studies at the age of six.

Later she studied aesthetics and philpsophy at the ELTE University’s liberal arts department.

She placed in the finals in the first national Jazz Violin Competition held by the Hungarian Radio in 2006, where she won the Audience Prize.

She has been playing with her band Santa Diver (violin-bass-drums) since 2006, and played at the most respected festivals and jazz clubs in Hungary, at many venues around Europe, and at the Chelsea Music Festival in New York. She is in more genres like jazz, free improvisation, pop and fusion. She works with several bands and musicians, and also gives solo and duo concerts as well, in 2016 she had a duo performance with Chris Potter in New York. She is best known for her unique and inventions, and anything but traditional playing style. Luca is an extraordinary talent with a very special musical approach and individual style. One of the most frequented employed violin players in Hungary. As a classical music trained artist she combines her technical facilities with some other influences from jazz, European folk, blues, odd- metered Balkanian music and combines perfectly the sound of the acoustic violin with some added modern music effects from a multi-effect pedal.

In 2016, 2017, 2018 one of Hungary’s most respected jazz magazine choosed Luca as “the violinist of the year”. In 2019 she won the Performer's Price from Artisjus (Hungarian PRO).


EU JAZZ WOMEN playing together for the first time at the Golem's Theater in Barcelona 2022.

1. IN APRIL (composed by Carita Boronska)
2. THE THRILL IS GONE (B.B King) Guitarsolo
3. TAKE THE DAY OFF (Carita Boronska) Drumsolo
4. Solos Luca and Mar
5. COME TOGETHER (Beatles) arranged by Carita Boronska