"Re-inventing the blues"

LIVE 2019

"She has a great connection to her musicians on stage, something the audience can feel and appreciate. Her female drummer is not only a great musician, together with Carita she brings joy and balance to the band"

  • Mikael Jensen / Danish Jazz Radio.

"El color fresco de una voz bien definida, limpia y llena de matices. A un concierto de una hora y media se le puede pedir inteligencia, gracia, swing, aventura, soul y riesgo"
(Translation) "Fresh colors of a nicely defined voice, clean and full of shades. The performance is full of intelligens, joy, swing, adventure and risky moves"                   
Heraldo / Ocio Soria, Spain


SONGS IN THE VIDEO: 1. A one Kind (Carita Boronska) 2. Come Together (Beatles) 3. The Sun & Moon (Carita Boronska) 4. 2-gether, 2-part (Carita Boronska)  5. The Little boy's eyes (Carita Boronska) 6. Take the Day off (Carita Boronska) 7.Jardín D'Hiver (H.Salvador) 8. The Beat Goes On (Sony&Cher) 9.All I Ever Wanted (Carita Boronska) 10. Because of You (Music & Lyrics: Carita Boronska)

The band plays a mix of Caritas original music - as well as some covers/standards with personal arrangements"

CARITA BORONSKA: SWEDISH singer and pianist that writes, composes and arranges most of the music that the band performs. She has a long career as a recording/live artist with various labels as well as in film scoring (mainly in Spain).

GLADSTON GALLIZA; BRAZILIAN guitarist & singer that a part from being an important part of the musical scene in Spain also has charmed the Japanese audience after many tours and releases in Japan.

PATTI BALLINAS; SCOTTISH/MEXICAN drummer who tours the world endorsed by Yahama in their drum clinics and festivals. She is the first drummer from Spain representing Yamaha Drums worldwide! 

JOSE VERA; SPANISH bassplayer and one of the most versatile and hired musician in Spain. He has toured worldwide with some of the most famous Spanish artists. Recently he is the bassplayer of THE VOICE, Spain.


"THE BAND is a union based on love, long-term friendship and professionalism and that is something the audience really can appreciate and enjoy."

1. Love Harvest Blues (Music: Gladston Galliza & Lyrics: Carita Boronska),
2. The Little boy's eyes (Music/Lyrics: Carita Boronska) 
3. When I’m with you (Augosto Algueró/C.Boronska)

1. Take The Day Off  2. Because of You (Music/Lyrics: Carita Boronska)
3. Jardín D'Hiver (Henri Salvador)

SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL (Prince) Arrangement: Jose Vera

Come Together(Beatles), The Sun & Moon (Music & Lyrics: Carita Boronska) ,
Nothing compares to you (Prince)

Patti Ballinas

Half Scottish and half Mexican, started to play drums at the age of 6 years. 

From "Motown Show" singing with her sisters she started her career as a session drummer and soon became a YAMAHA DRUMS Endorser. Patti Ballinas is the first drummer from Spain representing Yamaha Drums worldwide! 

Patti played at the "GROOVE NIGHT Concert" in MEXICO CITY along with the amazing "L.A. Groove Night Band" and drummers like Rick Marotta, Antonio Sanchez, Dave Weckl, Russ Miller.

She recorded & toured with the recording artist "Buika" in 2005 and she was on tour all over SPAIN with the famous Spanish pop artist "Chenoa”. 

Also performed a few times in Mallorca and Ibiza with Miko Weaver (Guitarist of PRINCE). She was on tour with JEFFREY DANIEL (SHALAMAR) in the U.K. and played in the Bicester Jazz Festival in LONDON.

She'a played in a Jazz festival in Rostov (RUSSIA) and with VICTOR WOOTEN & STEVE BAILEY at the Namm Show 2008 in L.A. 

She also played with the Amazing NATHAN EAST in the Asian Beat Competition in Taiwan as part of her YAMAHA DRUM CLINICS tour in ASIA in March 2008. 

Endorser of Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Tocsticks signature sticks and Evans Drumheads. She has given demos, clinics and concerts all over the world.

Gladston Galliza

Brazilian singer, guitarist, composer and producer. 

Gladston is greatly inspired by the sounds of his homeland and in particular through the work of musicians such as Toninho Horta, Milton Nascimento and Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Gladston has released 10 ALBUMS on which has written/composed most of the music

In 2005 he recorded his third CD, GLADSTON GALLIZA -THE ALBUM produced exclusively for the JAPANESE MARKET  as a joint endeavor with producer Lava.

 In 2008 he goes in his first JAPANESE TOUR together with the Japanese percussionist Tomohiro Yahiro and the great uruguaian pianist Hugo Fattoruso.

In 2009 he releases “Íntimo”, his sixth album and in 2011 Gladston releases “Alvorada”, first collaboration with japanaese pianist and composer Miyuki Onitake. 

This album was promoted on a tour with 30 concerts in Japan.

Over the last few years he also participated in recording as composer and singer Rosalía Royo's "Paradoja", composer Helios Ruiz's CD "Se Venden Alas?", which Gladston both produced and arranged, as well as Colombian artist Claudia Gómez's CD "Vivir Cantando".

He also participated of the album “Um pouco de Mim”, songbook by important brasiliam lyricist Sergio Natureza in 2005 and also took part on “Orillania”, album by argentinian musician Carlos Aguirre in 2012.

“A vontade e o Vento” is his latest work, an acoustic album published in 2018.

Gladston performs regularly with his band and also works as a producer for other artists.

Jose Vera

Spanish Bassplayer (Electric & Upright), Composer from Mallorca.

posee una larga y reconocida carrera como músico de sesión, realizando grandes giras con los artistas más reconocidos del país y muy valorado su trabajo desde: Horacio Icasto, DEBORAH CARTER, Vlady Bas, Revólver, Luis E.Aute, Javier Ruibal, JORGE PARDO, Chano Domínguez, Carlos Núñez, Antonio Vega, ISMAEL SERRANO, Mercedes Ferrer, Quique Gonzalez, CONCHA BUIKA, Pepe de Lucía, Pasión Vega, Sergio Dalma.. y múltiples sesiones de estudio Cds, Jingles de publicidad, Bandas Sonoras, Programas de Radio, Televisión y Clinics con diferentes marcas.

Tiene su propio proyecto JVera Quartet con tres discos “Concepts”2006 (schoots), “Butterfly”2010 (errabal/nuevos medios) y “Haruki”2019 (errabal jazz)

Desde el 2013 forma parte de la Orquesta del programa "La Voz"" / “THE VOICE SPAIN” en Tele5 y ahora en Antena 3


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