“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.”

– Rollo May, The Courage to Create

Here you will find links to various samples of filmmusic, songs, jingle, videos and other musical works & production by The Tonetailor.

There are also links to some Articles and Press images as well as the Vocal Coaching page.

Below there is a list of the total works within film & music production.


Links to different sites such as the YouTube Channel, IMDb, Vimeo etc.




"La Gran Vida" (Living it Up) Feature film. Spain 2000.

Starring Salma Hayek/Carmelo Gomez. (Universal)

Carita participated as a singer/actress in one of the scenes in the film as

well as "5 songs on the soundtrack"


"Eres Mi Héroe” (You're My Hero) Feature Film. Spain 2003.

Film Music Score & musicproduction


"Mrs. Eriksson In Spain" Short Film. Spain/Sweden 2005.

Production/Direction/Cámera/Editing/Music Score


"La Buena Voz” (The Good Voice) Feature Film. Spain 2006.

Short story author / Original idea.


"The Trench” Short film. England/USA 2007.

Film Music Score


"Un Difunto, 6 Mujeres Y Un Taller” TV-movie. Spain 2007.

Film Music Score

”Sweaty Beards” Feature Film. Sweden 2011.

Film Music Score

”Röd Måne” Short Film by Tuna Özer. Sweden 2012.

Film Music Score

”Meanings” Short Film. Sweden 2013.

Film Music Score

Professional experience & production:


2000 - "The Beat Goes On”  Music Video (Universal) Spain. LINK

2007 - "700 Euros” TV-series/Spain. Songs from the album Jazzuality (Carita Boronska) included in the O.S.T: LINK

2000 - MOVISTAR (Major Spanish cellphone company) TV-commercial  Carita modeled/acted/sang in this commercial. LINK

2000 - IBERIA TV-commercial -Vocals. LINK

2004 - COCA COLA TV-commercial.

Music composition/arrangement on Intro (Jazz/Lounge) and background vocals for Coca Cola commercial "Pita Del" LINK

2007 - Jazzuality - Album (Spain) The album has been well received by the press and media (radio/TV) and has had pretty good air-play within it's genre. 6 of the songs on the album "Jazzuality" are composed/written by Carita Boronska. LINK

2010 - "MARKSLÖJD" Music for Promotional Video (Sweden)


2014 -"I SURRENDER" (Carita Boronska) LINK


More Jingles made for: Renault, Laiker, Larios, Carefree



5 LP albums + 3 Maxisingles with major labels like UNIVERSAL, EMI as well as independent labels & production companies. LINK