LA BUENA VOZ (Spain, 2006)

English Title: The Good Voice

Feature Film/Drama.  Directed by Antonio Cuadri, Abra Producciones

SHORT STORY AUTHOR: Carita Boronska / The tonetailor


The Good Voice explores the relationship that develops between a father and a gay son he never knew existed -- two men suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into each others lives. Pepe, a slightly listless, fifty something taxi driver with a heart condition, suddenly learns that he fathered a child, Jordi, from a quiet affair with his wife's girlfriend.

SpanishTitle: La señora Erikssson en España



Ann, a 50-year old Swedish-Polish woman, divorced and single, decides to travel to Madrid to surprise Ricardo, an opera singer with whom she has fallen in love through a dating-site. When she arrives in Madrid she learns that Ricardo is not around and instead she gets to know, his niece, Laura, a very sweet 12-year-old girl. Laura shows Ann around the city and soon a very special friendship is born... While Ann is awaiting Ricardo's return to Madrid, something unexpected happens...